Frequently Asked Questions

Attached please find Diller Onboarding Resources Document which may contain answers to your most pressing questions. 

Otherwise please check menu for specific subject

Posting Flyers:

You are welcome to post in the break rooms located on 2nd through 5th floors – all have bulletin boards and magnetic boards. We also have glass cases on each floor next to the rest rooms. The cases are locked, but the key is laying on the top of the glass case.

If there is a free plastic holder in the elevators, you are welcome to slip a flyer in there, or if no empty one, go ahead and tape it in the elevator.

We discourage random posting on walls.

Special Materials Recycling - Print Cartridges/Batteries/Misc:

There is a special materials recycling area located on the 1st floor of Diller across from the vending machines

Vending Machines:

Vending Machines are located in the 1st floor Diller Lobby on the left past the elevators