Emergency Action Plan

Diller Research Building Emergency Action Plan

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Stay Tuned


Diller Building Quarterly Emergency Preparedness Reminders

Diller Building Emergency Evacuation Meeting Location:

Third Street and Mission Bay Blvd South. (map below)

Emergency Meeting Area

Electronic Evacuation Training:

The campus emergency preparedness program has developed a short electronic evacuation training available through the UC Learning Center, with info helpful to all. Floor wardens must take the training, but it is not limited to floor wardens.

You can access the training at the UC Learning Center under the search word “floor warden”. You will be taking the UCSF Campus Floor Warden Training from the courses offered. The course takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Additional preparedness reminders:

Diller Building Evacuation, Safety and Preparedness Reminders/Resources


  • Evacuate using one of the two enclosed stairwells on the northeast or southeast corners of the building. The large open atrium stairwell is not smoke proof.
  • Emergency Meeting Location: Corner of Third St./Mission Bay Blvd South (effective 2/29/16)


  • Duck, cover and hold. If outside, move to open area.

Disaster Supplies

First Aid Kits

Chemical Spill Supplies

  • Wall mounted boxes in hallways 220,320,420. Contents maintained by EHS.

Yellow Flip Charts

  • Campus emergency procedures for specific situations are specified in yellow flip charts, posted throughout the building. Additional flip charts available at the UCPD stand near the lobby guard desk.

Warn Me

Emergency Phone Resources

  • General Emergency 9-911 from campus phone
  • Building/Utility Damage, 415-476-2021
  • Campus Emergency Hotline for recorded building status after events: 415-502-4000