Diller Laboratory Services



Within this section please find information on the following:

  • Diller Laboratory Shared Resources - Autoclave/Glasswash collection twice a day; Four Millipore DI water units per floor
  • Two locations of Dry Ice/Flaked Ice per floor; One Spill Kit per floor; Papertowels/Soap provided at each lab sink.
  • Diller Shared Equipment - Include Centrifuges, Imaging Systems, Film Processors, Spectrometers and more; contact Ovidio Velasquez.
  • Diller Central CO2 - CO2 delivery system pipes CO2 to each Tissue Culture room; billed per incubator; managed by facilities services
  • Biohazard Waste Collection - Waste must be placed in designated containers, collected regularly by EHS technician regularly
  • Freezer Alarms - Available throughout labs for temperature monitoring of Freezers etc, UCPD monitors. Installation fees apply.
  • Custodial Services - Labs serviced nightly, TC rooms weekly - mop only; garbage, recycling, compost, styrofoam collections from lab.

Each PI occupying wet lab bench space will participate in the Combined Wet Lab Services Recharge which covers the costs of such items as the glass washing, dry ice, flaked ice and Millipore. This is a per-kneehole (kh) charge that varies monthly depending on actual costs. There are optional recharges for faculty who participate in the shared film processor or centralized CO2. Typically, these costs are charged to faculty grants, but may be paid by the home department in support of their faculty.