A UCSF ID Badge (or visitor pass) is required for entry to the Diller Building.

Additionally, Badge access is required to gain entry to building, labs, and offices after hours. 

Please follow your HR representative's instructions on how to obtain a badge through UCPD http://police.ucsf.edu/weid 

Once a badge is obtained, contact Ovidio Velasquez for Diller Building Access Activation. Please include lab and/or department affiliation.

For FAQ's see below:

UCSF ID card or replacement card

Permission to have a new or replacement UCSF ID Badge is initiated by your Departmental HR Representative. 

The badge itself is issued by UCPD. See this link for locations and times to obtain the badge:


You are encouraged to wear your UCSF ID at all times and may be asked to show it to Building Security to gain entry.

Reporting lost/stolen ID

Call UCPD at 415.476.1414 (24/7)

Cancer Center Buildings Access

(Multiple Locations)

For access to 2340 Sutter St., please contact Ovidio Velasquez. ovidio.velasquez@ ucsf.edu

For access to 1450 Third St., please contact Ovidio Velasquez. ovidio.velasquez@ ucsf.edu

Access to 1600 Divisadero, room B718 will be provided to those who need it when the badge is issued.

For access to other campus locations, contact We ID: [email protected]

For access to other medical center locations, contact: [email protected]

Office lock outs after hours, contact Facility Management 476-2021.

Office Keys

Mt. Zion Cancer Research Bldg. 2340 Sutter: [email protected]

Mt. Zion Hospital, 1600 Divisadero: [email protected]

Helen Diller Family Cancer Research Bldg. , 1450 Third St., Ovidio Velasquez, ovidio.velasquez@ ucsf.edu

Or Submit a Facilities Management request: http://www.fm.ucsf.edu/