Helen Diller Research Building has 7 Multi-function Xerox machines throughout the building.

To Scan: Anyone can use the machines to send scanned documents/images to email addresses.

To Copy/Print: A code is required to use these functions. Request from PI/Manager or contact [email protected] to receive new code (funding information required)

To install printers: 

From your computer open the ‘device manager’ or equivalent, and there should be a folder for printers and scanners. Open said folder and search for a network printer. Type in the Printer IP address into the search field, and connect to that printer. Note you may have to download driver software.

2nd floor Printer IP address:

HD 260 north wing (B&W)–

HD 280 east wing (color) –

3rd floor Printer IP address:

HD 360 north wing (B&W) –

HD 380 east wing (color) –

4th floor Printer IP address:

HD 460 next to kitchen (B&W) –

HD 425 inside lab (B&W) –

5th floor Printer IP address:

HD 580 east wing –